Thursday, August 11, 2011

87 Vanagon 2wd TDI conversion

Project completion: Maiden voyage

Here's the latest TDI conversion we have underway.  This is being done on an 87 2wd that has received lots of love already.  Stage I tune w/AHU eng, new K03 turbo.  More info/pics coming shortly.

OK, just getting caught up with pics from this project, still lots more to come but here's a quick sampling for right now:

AHU engine build:
 Any good engine build starts here: Polished crank, main bearing caps, rods, K&S rod bearings, K&S main bearings (already installed in this pic), ARP head studs and ASV pistons on deck.
 AHU block bored 0.50mm oversize (O/S):
And lets not forget the star of the show, the TDI engine block back from the machine shop bored, honed, polished, hot tanked, air blasted, taped/painted and ready to put on a torque show once it's all buttoned up.

 Another angle on the rebuild table mise-en-scène.

 ASV pistons mated to connecting rods w/K&S rod bearings installed.
Checking rod bearing radial clearances--Check!
One of the prettiest sights during the engine rebuild process IMO.
 Loaded AHU short-block.
 Rebuilt cylinder head on deck with new head gasket.
Torquing head stud nuts.
 Longblock complete awaiting new cam/lifters and peripherals.

 Peripherals being installed.
 Piece by piece the engine starts to look respectable.

 Loaded on the trailer to go from the engine rebuilding shop to the conversion shop.
New K03 turbo peaking out.
 Close up of our custom engine bracket and K03 turbo.
 And the other side: Custom L side engine bracket and new K03 turbo.
Stock AHU wiring harness sans tape:

This tangled mess of wires is where the magic happens: The stock Jetta AHU engine wiring harness is taken completely apart and all unused wires are removed, long ones are shortened and short ones are made longer.  $13.50/roll factory VW cloth tape is then used to wrap the harness back up to factory specs and TDI mechanic in the country would be able to tell it's not a factory loom.

Intercooler install:
These keep getting slicker and tighter with each conversion.  Notice the N75 and N18 valves?  The bundle/loom right below them is our modified AHU TDI harness, installed and completely interfaced with the Vanagon wiring harness in the junction box to the far R.
 Each one gets sleeker and tighter and we're mighty proud of how this IC install is shaping up with a custom air dam.
 New DV coolant bottle with SS bracket and PS reservoir new location.  Custom MAF flange and Vanagon factory air box on far R.

 Eng/trans mated and ready for installation, long view.
 Eng/trans mated side view, final preparations for install.
 Ready for install.

 Voila! Eng/trans installed and hanging on its own freewill.
 Engine installed and ready for hook-ups.
 View from tranny L looking to the rear.

 Peripherals/hoses attached, fluids being filled, systems primed.
 Intercooler system.
 Junction box where all the magic happens.
 Silicone coolant hoses.
 Coolant system: silicone coolant hoses, DV pressure bottle, and custom SS coolant bottle bracket now with integrated P/S bottle bracket.
Vanagon airbox with our custom MAF flange allowing mating of the TDI mass air flow (MAF) meter to the Vanagon airbox.
Another view of the airbox/flange/MAF.
Close up of intercooler system and our custom intake air temp sensor pipe.

Junction box with all wiring for conversion in place.
Fuel filter front and center.  Our preference for the fuel filter is the A2 Jetta (85-92 w/o preheater) diesel fuel filter, which is essentially the same filter body without the pesky air leak problems of the later TDI one.
Injection pump.  Whenever possible we re-seal the pump with Bosch Viton seals.  If the pump seems likely to have issues, then we have them rebuilt in Portland.
Completed engine bay, all fluids filled/primed, engine ready to be started and timed.

One last hose to be connected.... Can you see which one??

Running engine being timed with VCDS.
Badge time.

A stop over on our 250+ mile test drive: PCT at Santiam Pass