Saturday, November 20, 2010

3 TDI conversions in 6wks

90 Syncro Vanagon TDI conversion
I can hardly remember a time when we've been this crazy busy in the shop--almost too busy to take any pics!  This past week was full of early mornings and late nights as we completed our 3rd TDI Vanagon conversion in less than 2-mths.  And we've got two more to finish by Dec. 17!
50* AHU TDI engine with some of our trademarks

AHU engine fitting just below the deck lid

Engine bay with IC system in background

Close up of our std IC system

Happy (though blurry) customer awaiting completion.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

90 Vanagon Syncro Westy TDI conversion

Here's another super nice Vanagon we just finished a TDI conversion on.  This one came in from Tennessee with a Tiico inline conversion and a *mostly* complete Syncro conversion, but that just wasn't cutting the muster.  This one got a freshly rebuilt 1.9l TDI AHU engine, and fully rebuilt syncro trans. from AA Transaxle, as well as all the trimmings to boot: New K03 turbo, custom IC and exhaust sys., T4 injectors, Malone stage III custom tune, EGT gauge, de-coupler, etc.  Now it's fun time!

 90 Syncro TDI conversion--front badge view
 90 Syncro TDI conversion--rear badge view
 AHU engine installed at 50* using customer supplied TIICO mounting hardware.
 TDI engine at 50* in syncro.  IC system on far left.
IC system with boost controlled 'puller' fan mounted underneath it.
 Close-up of IC system.
Ground clearance with Tiico carrier bars.

Another sweet TDI Syncro Vanagon on the road....

FMIC specs: sehr gut!

1.9TDI Eurovan FMIC specs:
Run #1 11/7/10 11:44am

Ambient temp: 53* F
Road conditions: sustained hill pull
Speed: 60mph
RPM: 2500
IAT:  66* F
Boost press: 18.2 psi
EGT: 1250* F (pre-turbine)
Music: Run To the Hills, Iron Maiden
Volume: 27/30

Run #2 11/7/10 11:50am

Ambient temp: 53* F
Road conditions: sustained hill pull
Speed: 61mph
RPM: 25500
IAT:  64* F
Boost press: 19.5psi
EGT: 1275* F (pre-turbine)
Music: For Whom the Bell Tolls, Metallica
Volume:  28/30

Well, sorry Iron Maiden but Metallica beat you by 2 clicks on IAT.

TDI Eurovan intercooler optimized (ver. 2.2)

Finally, a front mount intercooler (FMIC) that kicks some butt and seriously cools some charge air. This is a 27" long and 2.5" thick intercooler that is mounted right below the license plate. 

View from underneath EV.

Engine compartment all cleaned up with the water-to-air IC removed and the blue silicone hoses to/from the FMIC visible.

R side charge plumbing tucks under air intake from filter.

Charge plumbing from IC to intake manifold.  IAT sensor that is unplugged on manifold has been supplanted with one in the charge pipe post IC.