Sunday, November 7, 2010

90 Vanagon Syncro Westy TDI conversion

Here's another super nice Vanagon we just finished a TDI conversion on.  This one came in from Tennessee with a Tiico inline conversion and a *mostly* complete Syncro conversion, but that just wasn't cutting the muster.  This one got a freshly rebuilt 1.9l TDI AHU engine, and fully rebuilt syncro trans. from AA Transaxle, as well as all the trimmings to boot: New K03 turbo, custom IC and exhaust sys., T4 injectors, Malone stage III custom tune, EGT gauge, de-coupler, etc.  Now it's fun time!

 90 Syncro TDI conversion--front badge view
 90 Syncro TDI conversion--rear badge view
 AHU engine installed at 50* using customer supplied TIICO mounting hardware.
 TDI engine at 50* in syncro.  IC system on far left.
IC system with boost controlled 'puller' fan mounted underneath it.
 Close-up of IC system.
Ground clearance with Tiico carrier bars.

Another sweet TDI Syncro Vanagon on the road....

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