Friday, February 25, 2011

'99 EVC VR6 to TDI conv. & auto to manual trans conv.

Short but meaty post today:  Got the engine mostly buttoned up, mated to EWB trans., timed AND bolted up in the engine bay!

AHU flywheel installed w/new stretch bolts (44ft/lbs + 90*)

 Sachs G60 pressure plate and clutch disc installed.
Engine ready for trans mating and timing.

 Eng/trans mated and on elevated dolly.
 Rolled into position.
 Front L view of engine/trans.  New auto trans mount was used along with new manual trans. Bosch starter.
 Front R view of engine.  Timing cover will be installed once final dynamic timing is set when engine is running.  Alternator, AC compressor and PS pump yet to be installed.
 Van lowered very slowly onto engine.
Engine crane is used for the last couple inches.
 AHU engine w/EWB 5-spd trans. mounted in 99 EVC.  Lots of room for service now with that VR6 gone!
R side view of installed TDI engine.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Interstitial spaces: 91 Syncro Vanagon JX 1.6TD to TDI conversion

One of the keys to our productivity is being able to undertake two projects at once at our two shops.  We generally focus on one only (at the "finish" shop), but at times (like when I'm on vacation!) I plan on a nice 'leave' allowing for my wing man to have lots of stuff to keep busy with.  Just before I left on Wed, we pulled the JX 1.6TD engine on this sweet Syncro MultiVan from Canada--Easy as 1, 2, 3:
 Perfect colors for a Vanagon TDI conversion in OSU territory: Orange & Black, the colors we bleed in Corvallis.
Step 1: Engine drained of fluids, all electrical connections disconnected, coolant hoses disconnected, exhaust system removed, starter removed and trans. supported via support bar.
 Step 2: Engine crane hooked up to engine at balance point (cyl. head and R eng mount), bellhousing bolts removed, 14m engine mount bolts pulled.
Step 3: Engine lowered to floor.  This customer is opting not to have the transmission rebuilt/regeared so the trans is left in situ.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

EVC TDI--getting really close! Day 4.5

Our goal today was to get the engine/trans mated and hanging in the engine bay, but due to a couple delays on parts, we weren't able to make that happen.  We did have one nice accomplishment today: we achieved VCDS communication with the ECU, and tested out the hybrid VR6/TDI cluster.  This is a nice way to end the day, especially since we'll be closed for the next 8 days for our winter vacation.  Back in the saddle on 2/24.
 Cluster lights up with key on--good sign.
 EGT/Boost gauge and Scan Gauge II
Cluster had to be removed and disassembled for some additional mods.

 Lower T4 timing belt cover installed. 
Engine with R engine bracket and mount installed.
 Set of hot new injectors
 For a future Doka AFN TDI project: new VNT-17 turbo
VNT-17 turbo

Monday, February 14, 2011

'99 EVC VR6 to TDI conv. & auto to manual trans conv.: Day 3.5

Another day in the shop.  As always, Monday delivered its requisite surprises, but luckily most of the day was spared any big heartaches--so long as you don't consider this lovely nest a heartache:

TDI wiring harness being integrated into T4.
 I love the smell of solder in the morning--it smells like Victory!!  (sorry, couldn't resist!!)
Out with the old, in with the new.  This is the VR6 harness that was removed.

TDI harness being finallized, ECU installed in stock T4 location.

 Rebuilt injection pump installed on engine.  Oil filter flange install being prepped (green gasket).

  Oil filter flange installed.
 New VW oil cooler installed; new VW turbo oil supply pipe installed; new VW crankcase breather tube installed; new VW water pump installed.
Slowly but surely it's all coming together.

 Torquing crankshaft bolt: 78ft/lbs + 90*.
 For this we bring out the big guns since we need a torque multiplier.  The big tool is used to hold the crank stationary while the TTY bolt is being stretched 90*.

R side 4-cyl T4 engine bracket installed;alternator/AC compressor bracket installed.
 Our special AHU A3/B4 silicone hose.
Another shot of the silicone engine hoses.  These are about 2-3x thicker and substantially more robust than the stock OEM hoses for this application.  Of course they cost about 4-5x more, but the OEM ones are very prone to failure over time due to oil/fuel leaks--and they are a PITA to swap out.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

'99 EVC VR6 to TDI conv. & auto to manual trans conv.: Day 2.5

Sundays are always great days to turn a wrench.  I always thank the Good Lord that my shop is an ordained house of VW worship and that high communion can come in simple forms such as cleaning the tools and laying them to rest at the end of the day.  We truly are blessed....

Lots of progress today.  First we had a chance to compare the auto vs EWB manual trans mounts:

 Pair on the left: lower pendulum mount comparison, auto trans. mount on the L, 5-spd on the R.
Pair on the right: upper trans. mount comparison, auto trans. L, 5-spd on the R.

TDI wiring harness being test fit for length.
 And on the bench, being modified accordingly.
Modified TDI harness in final format before installation.
VR6 A/T cluster/TDI manual cluster hybrid.  By mating the two we retain the correct odometer reading and have the factory glow plug light and tachometer.

Now onto finishing the engine rebuild/assembly:

Measuring piston height projection at TDC.
 1-notch head gasket it is!
 1-notch head gasket installed.
 ARP head studs installed in block.
 De-greasing/prepping rebuilt cylinder head prior to install.

 New camshaft and hydraulic lifters.
Head is 'gently' mated to block (and onto studs); lifters being installed.
 New camshaft laid.
 Bearing caps installed and torqued (18 ft/lbs).

 ARP head stud hardware being lubed-up with ARP's special high-torque lube.


Finished loaded head sitting on block.  ARP head stud nuts are torqued to 125 ft/lbs in 3 equal steps in a diagonal pattern.
TDI exhaust manifold drilled and tapped for EGT probe.  Always remember: measure/fit  3 times, drill once.

Probe hole can be seen through flange opening.

EGT probe fitting and installed.  Manifold studs chased with 8mx1.25 die to clean threads.
 Exhaust manifold mated to engine.
 Close up view.
 K03/K04 hybrid turbo mated to exhaust manifold.
 Turbo sitting proudly.
 PD150 intake manifold installed along with EGT probe.
 Turbo and EGT probe leads.
 Side view of engine.
The money shot.

Long block complete.