Tuesday, February 15, 2011

EVC TDI--getting really close! Day 4.5

Our goal today was to get the engine/trans mated and hanging in the engine bay, but due to a couple delays on parts, we weren't able to make that happen.  We did have one nice accomplishment today: we achieved VCDS communication with the ECU, and tested out the hybrid VR6/TDI cluster.  This is a nice way to end the day, especially since we'll be closed for the next 8 days for our winter vacation.  Back in the saddle on 2/24.
 Cluster lights up with key on--good sign.
 EGT/Boost gauge and Scan Gauge II
Cluster had to be removed and disassembled for some additional mods.

 Lower T4 timing belt cover installed. 
Engine with R engine bracket and mount installed.
 Set of hot new injectors
 For a future Doka AFN TDI project: new VNT-17 turbo
VNT-17 turbo

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