Sunday, February 20, 2011

Interstitial spaces: 91 Syncro Vanagon JX 1.6TD to TDI conversion

One of the keys to our productivity is being able to undertake two projects at once at our two shops.  We generally focus on one only (at the "finish" shop), but at times (like when I'm on vacation!) I plan on a nice 'leave' allowing for my wing man to have lots of stuff to keep busy with.  Just before I left on Wed, we pulled the JX 1.6TD engine on this sweet Syncro MultiVan from Canada--Easy as 1, 2, 3:
 Perfect colors for a Vanagon TDI conversion in OSU territory: Orange & Black, the colors we bleed in Corvallis.
Step 1: Engine drained of fluids, all electrical connections disconnected, coolant hoses disconnected, exhaust system removed, starter removed and trans. supported via support bar.
 Step 2: Engine crane hooked up to engine at balance point (cyl. head and R eng mount), bellhousing bolts removed, 14m engine mount bolts pulled.
Step 3: Engine lowered to floor.  This customer is opting not to have the transmission rebuilt/regeared so the trans is left in situ.


  1. Wow, a JX TD engine with a whopping 68 HP and 100 ft/lbs of torque!
    What a shame to replace such a thing of wonder with an e-TDI!
    Will you just give it a Stage I tune or is the customer aiming for more power?

  2. Awesome work Clint thank you so much for taking pics and doing such detailed step by step instructions. Exhaust Shops