Saturday, February 5, 2011

Long awaited EWB trans & TDI Syncro restoration & EV TDI

After months of planning, researching and trial and error risk taking (to the tune of $1740) with German purveyors, the TDI Eurovan T4 transmission we have been drooling over finally arrived this week:
Crate from Germany via FedEx freight

EWB transmission
This transmission will be going in the 99 EVC we are currently working on.  This rig is getting a highly tuned AHU engine with Rosten rods, PD 150 pistons, Malone custom tune, T4 injectors, etc.

Our big distraction this past week has been a Syncro TDI Vanagon that was in need of some major drivetrain R&R&R (remove, rebuild, re-install):

 Rebuilt syncro driveline: transmission, driveline, and front differential.
$6000 in drivetrain parts.

And here's our current EV TDI conversion during the road testing phase.

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  1. Yeah, man! How's the greenie running? I bet it purrs like a kitten.