Sunday, February 13, 2011

'99 EVC VR6 to TDI conv. & auto to manual trans conv.: Day 2.5

Sundays are always great days to turn a wrench.  I always thank the Good Lord that my shop is an ordained house of VW worship and that high communion can come in simple forms such as cleaning the tools and laying them to rest at the end of the day.  We truly are blessed....

Lots of progress today.  First we had a chance to compare the auto vs EWB manual trans mounts:

 Pair on the left: lower pendulum mount comparison, auto trans. mount on the L, 5-spd on the R.
Pair on the right: upper trans. mount comparison, auto trans. L, 5-spd on the R.

TDI wiring harness being test fit for length.
 And on the bench, being modified accordingly.
Modified TDI harness in final format before installation.
VR6 A/T cluster/TDI manual cluster hybrid.  By mating the two we retain the correct odometer reading and have the factory glow plug light and tachometer.

Now onto finishing the engine rebuild/assembly:

Measuring piston height projection at TDC.
 1-notch head gasket it is!
 1-notch head gasket installed.
 ARP head studs installed in block.
 De-greasing/prepping rebuilt cylinder head prior to install.

 New camshaft and hydraulic lifters.
Head is 'gently' mated to block (and onto studs); lifters being installed.
 New camshaft laid.
 Bearing caps installed and torqued (18 ft/lbs).

 ARP head stud hardware being lubed-up with ARP's special high-torque lube.


Finished loaded head sitting on block.  ARP head stud nuts are torqued to 125 ft/lbs in 3 equal steps in a diagonal pattern.
TDI exhaust manifold drilled and tapped for EGT probe.  Always remember: measure/fit  3 times, drill once.

Probe hole can be seen through flange opening.

EGT probe fitting and installed.  Manifold studs chased with 8mx1.25 die to clean threads.
 Exhaust manifold mated to engine.
 Close up view.
 K03/K04 hybrid turbo mated to exhaust manifold.
 Turbo sitting proudly.
 PD150 intake manifold installed along with EGT probe.
 Turbo and EGT probe leads.
 Side view of engine.
The money shot.

Long block complete.

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