Friday, February 11, 2011

'99 EVC VR6 to TDI conv. & auto to manual trans conv.: Day 2

Lots of progress today on this conversion.  The AHU/PD150 hybrid short block is complete and buttoned up, pics of the build below.  We also finished the clutch pedal install, pedal potentiometer install and the VR6 instrument cluster to TDI cluster mods.  Late in the day we had a surprise visit by a neat father/son team from Eugene who are planning on a m-TDI conversion on their Vanagon.  They came up to get some parts and to sell us their AHU harness/ECU, but after a ride in John's Vanagon rocket ship and individual e-TDI rants by John and I, they decided to go home with their harness/ECU just in case the m-TDI doesn't as well as the e-TDI Vanagons does.   We wished them luck and challenged them to pull it off as we've yet to see an m-TDI that performs anywhere near our e-TDIs.  Good folks and I look forward to hearing back from them.

 After block is prepped and cleaned, the oil squirters are installed and torqued w/loctite.  Then the block side main brg shells are installed w/assembly lube and crank is laid.  Then brg caps are fitted with brg shell and plastigaged to check radial clearance.

 Close-up of plastigage measurement (0.03-0.08mm new parts spec).

Once all main brg tolerances are checked the caps are installed w/assembly lube and torqued to spec w/new main cap bolts (48ft/lbs + 90*).
Next it's time to mate the Rosten H-beam rods to the PD150 pistons.
 Rods #1 and #4 mated to their respective pistons.
 Rod bearings being installed on rods and rod caps.  Rod side is lubed w/assembly lube, cap is left lube free until plastigage measurements are taken.
 Rod plastigage measurements.
 Once rod brg axial clearances are checked caps are installed w/assembly lube and torqued to spec, in this case w/new ARP rod bolts (30ft/lbs).

 And now it's on to pistons #2 and #3.
Installed in block.
After checking radial clearances caps are torqued to spec.

Oil pan baffle and T4 oil pump installed.
Short block loaded with PD150 pistons and Rosten H-beam rods.

T4 oil pan installed and buttoned up, short block complete.

 Clutch pedal assembly installed (automatic van remember?).

 Pedal potentiometer installed at top of accel. pedal bracket.  Viewed from below, lighted from above.
Pedal pot. installation viewed from above

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