Monday, November 30, 2015

Misc. fall projects

82 diesel Vanagon with a 1.9 1Y engine that dropped an exhaust valve:

Exh. valve dropped out and speared the piston.

Exhaust valve sticking out of piston

Exhaust valve sticking out of piston

Another angle for perspective.

Pistons pulled and cylinders bored.

#4 still had some minor pitting after honing.

3 of 4 pistons were damaged and not reusable, as well as the #4 rod.

Another 82 diesel Vanagon 1.6TD with engine trouble:

Compression #s on the edge of trouble

 81 Rabbit rehabilitation and 1.9 1Y eng swap:

Completed project ready for pickup.

Pic of eng bay.  Customer had dyed off-road diesel in the fuel tank :-/

1.6 upper timing belt cover had a rub point with the 1.9 timing belt.

Cut out portion of the cover that was interferring.

Interference section