Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Random shop visitor: 92 Vanagon Syncro Dehler 16 High Top TDI

Can you say "Oh wow"?  That's what we were saying when the rarest of all rare Vanagon variants passed through on its way south from Canada.  Not only is this a Dehler Syncro 16, it also happens to be a 3 knob syncro (front diff locker, prop shaft decoupler, rear locker), it also is a fully electronic AFN TDI converted van.  As far as anyone can figure there are a grand total of 5 of these in N. America, and the only other one I personally know of resides at a towing company yard outside of Eugene, OR--well it did 3+ yrs ago anyhow!  RIP dear Dehler....

Anyhow, here's some eye-candy for all you Vanagon junkies out there:

Though not as tidy as our TDI conversions, overall it's one of the nicest ones we've seen from outside our shop.  And at the end of the day there is an AFN TDI engine powering one sweet van.
Similar conventions as ours, form follows function etc.

 Lots going on here at central command, but yep that's a three knob syncro sure enough.
 Dehler high top inside as viewed from front.
 Westy interior to boot.