Friday, February 25, 2011

'99 EVC VR6 to TDI conv. & auto to manual trans conv.

Short but meaty post today:  Got the engine mostly buttoned up, mated to EWB trans., timed AND bolted up in the engine bay!

AHU flywheel installed w/new stretch bolts (44ft/lbs + 90*)

 Sachs G60 pressure plate and clutch disc installed.
Engine ready for trans mating and timing.

 Eng/trans mated and on elevated dolly.
 Rolled into position.
 Front L view of engine/trans.  New auto trans mount was used along with new manual trans. Bosch starter.
 Front R view of engine.  Timing cover will be installed once final dynamic timing is set when engine is running.  Alternator, AC compressor and PS pump yet to be installed.
 Van lowered very slowly onto engine.
Engine crane is used for the last couple inches.
 AHU engine w/EWB 5-spd trans. mounted in 99 EVC.  Lots of room for service now with that VR6 gone!
R side view of installed TDI engine.

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