Wednesday, March 2, 2011

'99 Eurovan TDI conversion & manual trans conversion: day 6

Time for the nitty gritty details of conversion work:
 VR6 120A alternator and AC compressor fit the TDI bracket perfectly and in fact share the same P/Ns.  Due to its larger diameter and offset position, the VR6 alt pulley was removed and replaced with an AHU pulley.
 Happy family of engine pulleys.
 AC compressor lines going to comp.
 Another view of AC comp lines.
One by one we go through and plug in connectors and wires, tidy up this and figure out that.  Rebuilt Bosch 5-spd starter shining like a black gem.  Trans mount upper right corner.
R side engine mount and bracket.  Look at all that room TDI dreamers!  You can actually work on this engine!!

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