Tuesday, March 8, 2011

'99 Eurovan TDI conversion & manual trans conversion

Our attention today was split between finalizing the power steering system, finishing the 5-spd conversion by installing the clutch hydraulics, and starting to hook up the coolant system.  Fuel system and coolant system on tap for tomorrow and then it's time to fill with fluids!

Interfacing VR6 power steering with TDI AHU engine:

 Power steering pump installed and high and low pressure lines hooked up.

Another angle of the PS setup.  Low press line comes in on a long sweep up to the PS reservoir.  High press line attaches via banjo bolt.

Accessory belts shown along with the high press PS line where it attaches to PS pump.  This was a very nice discovery: the VR6 pipe is bent just perfect for the TDI PS pump.  

PS pump low press line viewed from L side.  Engine getting very close to completion.

Clutch hydraulic line installation:
The big round canister on the L is the brake booster and just to the R of it about midway down you can barely see a grommet that goes through the firewall (see below to orient).  This is the factory hole for the clutch hydraulic line.

Grommet removed and interior insulation visible through firewall.

Close-up of hydraulic line hole (yellowish circle).

Clutch hydraulic line.  This will be snaked through the hole above and sealed up with factory exit grommet where it comes through the firewall.  The end on the R will attach to the clutch master cylinder and the end on the L will attach to the clutch slave cylinder.

Clutch fluid supply line shown next to the factory pinched off barb/nipple on the brake fluid reservoir (fluid is shared between the two systems).  The sealing pinch is only found on automatic models, but VW is kind to us sometimes and this only requires the operation below to use with a manual trans. and hydraulic clutch system.

The end of sealed barb being snipped off and clutch master cylinder supply hose quickly installed.

And just like that the clutch hydraulic system is complete.   Clutch hydraulic line can be seen just below the supply line and just to the R of the brake booster.

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