Wednesday, March 2, 2011

'99 Eurovan TDI conversion & manual trans conversion: day 7

 And on the seventh day they rested.  

Well in Eden on some sultry day, but not in the Grease Works shop when there are wrenches to turn.  We were busy OSU beavers today inching our way closer to completion of this sweet conversion.

Here's the play by play:

 Serp belt installed on eng.  PS pump and belt still awaiting installation.
 Fuel tank mods: In order to modify the fuel filler neck to accept a diesel pump nozzle, and in order to modify the pump/level sender unit to work with the TDI eng we have to pull the tank. 
Tank straps removed, level sender wiring disconnected, fuel lines disconnected, gas sprays in eyes, hair and mouth and so on.
 Tank on floor with filler neck reducer being removed--our patented tankeochtomy procedure.
 Filler plate showing gas filler reducer in center.
 With reducer removed.
 Fuel pump/sender removed.
Being disassembled down to the bones.
Pump/level sender assembly fully disassembled.  Pump will be removed and fuel hoses will be replaced with 100% Viton hoses and fitted to pick-up/return to the bottom of the sender.

Side note:  As requested by our Keeder friend, here we are exploring the solution of a problem many EV owners have: How to fit your full-size spare tire in the stock rack if you have larger-than-stock 16" tires?  Here's how: get the correct parts from VW:

 Spare tire carrier comparison: Stock 99 EVC on the L, 16" on the R.
 These look essentially the same from this angle but the 16" one has a much steeper/deeper 'angle of approach' where the tire sits against on this side.
 16" spacer and sleeve on L, stock hardware on R.
 16" bolt on L, stock bolt on R.
 16" tire installed on carrier.

Plenty of room to snug down the tire.
Shown for comparison of angle on R side.  Deeper bend fits the bigger tire.

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