Monday, March 7, 2011

Trip report: Salem to Corvallis towing 98 Jetta

Update from last Friday:  Our good friend from the far east found us a donor 98 Jetta for a song up in Salem, so late in the day I made tracks up there to get it with my TDI Eurovan with a tow dolly.  Total mileage on the way there was 35.4 mpg towing the empty dolly.  Some other random data points on the outbound trip:

65 mph
2620 RPM
9.0 psi boost
39.2 MPG
850* F EGT (exhaust gas temp, pre-turbine)
60* F IAT (intake air temp)

My EV did great on the return trip, and for towing I really like the low gearing of the CHP trans (1-4th anyway).  Mileage for the return trip to Corvallis with Jetta in tow was 28.8, with a combined total avg round trip of 32.1 mpg.  Here are some gauge pics of the return trip on I-5 towing the Jetta back to Corvallis:

This pic is climbing the Salem hill just south of Salem on I-5.  Doing this hill in 4th gear to compare EGTs, which are holding right about at 850* F.  Jetta in tow.

And this pic is in 5th gear coming down the other side of the hill.
And one more in 5th at 60mph.

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