Monday, March 7, 2011

'99 Eurovan TDI conversion & manual trans conversion

Our big achievement today was figuring out the L axle situation on this 99 EVC.  The auto trans L axle is 10mm shorter than the manual one for this model, and since there are a sum total of ZERO model year 1999 Eurovan's in this country stock with manual trans. finding that particular yr/model is an excercise in futility and longevity.  Also, after the fitment on Fri of an early EV L side manual axle was deemed unsatisfactory by QC (me), we've been doing some head scratching and some double/triple checking to confirm our findings.  As it turns out the early 93-95 manual trans. EV models DO use the same axle as the later 96-02 models when converted to a manual trans, in this case an EWB 02B.

Don't worry, we have pics:
On L: Manual EV L drive axle 470mm
On R: Auto EV L drive axle 460mm

Rebuilt manual drive axle installed.

Shock re-installed, fasteners torqued to spec.

Undercarriage view with  fuel tank removed.

Radiator fan resistor pack re-location:
To make room for our FMIC install, we had to re-locate the radiator fan resistors from the center of the front rad core support to the far L.  This worked out very nicely and is about as stock as a custom re-location gets--no wires cut, just lengthened from the bundle and re-covered with split-loom conduit.  

 The dark region on the lwr right is where this resistor pack use to be located.

Replacing shift linkage bushings:

Shift linkage bushings being replaced with new kit.

Linkage ready for re-assembly.

Fuel tank/sender mods cont:
Tank sender/pump retrofit for diesel fuel and TDI eng.  Viton hose shown connecting tank sender top to pump housing (pump removed).

Pump housing shown with pump removed.

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