Wednesday, March 9, 2011

'99 Eurovan TDI conversion & manual trans conversion

Today was one of those days in TDI conversion land where things just go together superbly and at every turn we're celebrating with high fives.  Don't get too excited though: these were all small victories that, viewed in the context of the whole conversion are just minor events.  Still, they do excite us--especially when we we feel like we are correcting some of VWs less appealing conventions (like a fuel filter mounted under the vehicle).  And when we successfully achieve one of these "corrections" with factory-esque grace, we gladly extend high fives all the way around.

Fuel System:

TDI fuel filter installed in TDI fuel filter bracket just aft the upper radiator core support.  Simple, elegant, easy to R&R, no crawling under the van.  Filter perfection in my book.

A clear fuel supply line is always used in our conversions sticking with the factory convention and a logical diesel mechanic's common sense: Having a visual on fuel supply can be very helpful diagnostically at times.

And back at the tank where the gas filter use to be.  No hose was cut or tweaked with here, just a simple VW TDI spec one-way valve installed to join the two fuel hoses (former in/out of the gas fuel filter) together, completing the circuit from tank to fuel filter to injection pump.

Tank re-installed with diesel/TDI mods complete.

Air intake system in repose:

 Air intake system complete.  It looks so simple in this picture, but what remains unshown is the mating of two VW intake pipes to get the length, end sizes and flexiblity we needed for this short jog from air box/MAF to turbo intake pipe.  Intercooler plumbing/install on deck for tomorrow.

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