Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Orangina side project: 91 Syncro Multivan TDI conversion

This is one sweet Syncro Multivan from Canada with front and rear diff lockers. It limped in with a JX engine with a bum turbo and is going home with a little rocket we like to call a TDI engine. This one was a "budget" build and was done to meet the customer's requests:

90 Syncro Multivan w/JX 1.6 TD engine

Engine engine being dropped with trans in situ

Engine on ground, trans hanging on support

Modified AHU harness

Modified harness "roughed" in--yikes!!
Close-up of colorful yikes

Fuel filter installed and coolant system connected

Yikes abated, but not completed

TDI harness and Vanagon harness connected in jct box,  IC installed plumbing commenced

IC plumbing complete, eng presentable

Long view across eng to the R

Completed eng ready to start

R side eng just before start

Syncro drivetrain--trans, driveline and front diff

Stock JX Syncro rear brush guard--the first we've ever seen!

Rear eng view

Rear eng belt view without AC: 6PK1045 serp and 10x725mm V-belt

Modified diesel cluster to accomodate TDI tach signal, cruise control, eng light, etc

You know what that means

Initial voyage door R open
Initial voyage door L open

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