Thursday, March 24, 2011

99 Eurovan TDI conversion almost road worthy

OK, back to the matter at hand.  Today we spent some time working on a replicatible intercooler plumbing set up and figured out the most elegant and least expensive way we can achieve this while sticking with high quality silicone fittings and aluminum couplers.  We also finalized fitment of our FMIC and did the final install:

 FMIC installed with wide opening for max air flow.
 Intercooler plumbing being roughed in.
Way too big silicone hose test mock-up to achieve the angle we need.   This will be replaced with the appropriate size hose.
Turbo charger outlet to intercooler plumbing.  Mocked up to check for clearance.

If all goes well tomorrow we will have the IC system all buttoned up and finalized and after we do a big pre-trip shake down we should be driving it out of the shop by the end of the day.

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