Friday, March 25, 2011

99 Eurovan TDI conversion final FMIC plumbing

I've got much bigger things I want to discuss at the moment, but just to follow up from yesterday here is the final fitment and install of the FMIC plumbing.  Wow did this turn out awesome--not to sound glib but we even impressed ourselves!  The following photos follow the IC system from the turbo outlet counterclockwise (looking at the pics) around to the IC and then the plumbing that goes back up the intake manifold.

 Turbo outlet silicone plumbing to IC inlet

Pic of IC plumbing from POV of IC inlet looking up the aluminum IC pipe towards the far left blue elbow in the previous pic.

IC outlet POV up towards intake manifold.

IC outlet with our custom Intake Air Temperature sensor pipe front and center.

POV from intake manifold down to IAT sensor pipe, connected with silicone elbows and aluminum pipe.  This whole intercooler system is in 2" to allow for maximum air flow.  Note the big healthy PD150 intake manifold--these two features will make the performance folks happy ;-).
Plenty of clearance for dipstick access.

Strange angle but shows the lower mounting for the IC.  At the top it is attached to the radiator shroud via a length of angle iron that runs the whole length of the IC.  You could basically jack the van up from this point--just kidding!

Time to get serious:

 Our ritualized de-frocking of a formerly meagerly average ho-hum EVC and re-badging it formally into a one-of-a-kind torque and MPG monster.
To quote our dear Hannibal from A-Team fame: "I love it when a plan comes together!"
 As B.A. Baracus (Mr. T recall) emphatically states: "Me Too!"

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  1. Ever since we got our 2010 Jetta Sportwagen with the TDI and 6sp Tiptronic tranny I've been dreaming of what it would be like to put that combo into our 2000 EVC. I'd love to know a ball-park estimate for such a project!