Thursday, March 10, 2011

'99 Eurovan TDI conversion & manual trans conversion

Still a couple systems we still need to finish up but getting real close to go-time:  Time to fill up on fluids.  5-gal of B20 to get it off the ground.

Power steering:

Filled with factory spec synthetic PS fluid.

G12 Pentosin coolant--same as the VR6 spec coolant.  Nice to see pink fluid in that bottle again.

Coolant system re-plumbing/simplifying:
The VR6 coolant system is remarkably more complex than it needs to be for the TDI engine.  Here things are simplified: front heater core and rear heater core are the essential elements that need to be preserved along with their respective control valves.  What this means in the engine bay is a whole lot less hose clutter.  This pic is sort of mid way in the process and doesn't highlight much, just some of the hoses that are coming out.

Some of the coolant system extra components that were removed.  After-run circulation pump in center, along with after-run control valve LWR R.

That's a little more sane.  Upper and lower radiator hoses unencumbered by the VR6 coolant hose clutter.

 Still looks like a tangle I know, but this is a vast improvement over what was there before.  At least now you can actually navigate in this area.  Good thing too because tomorrow comes an intercooler pipe/hose right through this region.

Tomorrow is looking very likely for a first start date.

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