Thursday, February 10, 2011

'99 EVC VR6 to TDI conv. & auto to manual trans conv.: Day 1.5

We finally cleared the deck and started in earnest on this project today.  We pulled the VR6 eng and auto trans about a month ago to meet a deadline for selling those, but then had to shelve it for a month as we took care of a some unexpected work that came up (Syncro Vanagon drivetrain R&R, etc).

Now it's go time and we're on a mission.  Step one, transport it from shop A (eng removal shop) to shop B (TDI conversion & fine tuning shop):
Now the elegant manuevering of backing in a 5000+lb vehicle with no eng/PS through the narrows and centered on the lift.

 Step 1: pop the hood
 Step 2: remove VR6 wiring harness
 Step 3: continue evisceration
 Empty engine bay patiently awaiting TDI engine.
Instrument cluster removed; pedal assembly removed for manual/clutch pedal assembly installation.
 Steering column and fuse block exposed for re-wiring.
 Lots of vacancies....
 Steering column disassembled.
 TDI engine rebuild dept.  What you see are the build parts for a highly tuned (stage V) TDI engine, including: PD150 intake & pistons, Rosten rods, ARP head studs, rod/main brgs, new oil cooler, crank.
Add a rebuilt AHU head and new lifters/cam and you've got the makings of a 150hp/300ft/lb AHU engine.
 Modding AHU engine to ABL protocol: Drilling stock 4-cyl EV/T4 dipstick port.
Thick casting boss, powerful drill & sharp bit, lots of metal shavings.

 ABL protocol for R engine mount: Prepping R engine mount holes for 10m tapping.


  1. Awesome! Justin
    Someday I want one of these rigs to be my vehicle too!
    for sharing

  2. Is there an exact position/ angle in which the dipstick hole needs to be drilled? Thanks