Thursday, January 27, 2011

93 EV TDI conv. & Surprise visitors

Yesterday we had a complete surprise visitor drop by the shop.  Mr. Karl Mullendore of m-TDI fame (and from Maryland no less!), dropped in unannounced and thus commenced many hours of TDI and Vanagon tech talk.  Very cool to meet someone in person you have known for years in this virtual universe!
The Mullendore machine

We are in the final tuning stages of our latest TDI conversion, this time a 93 Eurovan weekender.  Here are some pics of the eng installed:

 Airbox, P/S bottle, IC pipe from turbo outlet, etc.
 Engine central, coolant bottle.
 Stage L, IC hose to int. manifold, coolant bottle.
 Final tweaking before test run.
Another view of the IC pluming coming up and to the int manifold.

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  1. I started the day not sure which direction I was going...but saw that Corvallis was on my route so couldn't hardly miss the opportunity! Sorry for taking so many hours from your workday, but was great to meet you and see the Greaseworks operation in full tilt!