Saturday, January 8, 2011

Eurovan 4-cyl AHU TDI engine/trans mating & install

The best way to end any week for us is to finish it off with slinging up an engine in a freshly converted vehicle.  We had that satisfaction yesterday after a solid week of engine building and TDI conversion work.  Here's the play-by-play:

 View of nearly complete engine just before install.  Note custom silicone coolant hose set from water pump to oil cooler.
 Completely rebuilt engine on stand, just timing left once it's mated to trans.
 Off stand, trans. dust plate installed.
 TDI flywheel installed, new TTY bolts (w/loctite, torqued to 48ft/lbs + 90*)
 G60 Corrado pressure plate & clutch disc installed (Sachs brand, rated at 300 ft/lbs torque clamping force)
Engine and 02B 5-spd trans mounted.  Note R trans extension arm eng support bracket, specific to 4-cyl T4 engine.
 Close-up of R trans ext. arm support bracket.
 Detail of the ingenious dual drilled bellhousing with bolt holesfor both the 5-cyl engine and the 4-cyl.  This is VW at their finest, and the only model we have ever seen to do this.
 Rebuilding injectors: installing Bosio Sprint 764 nozzles (short jump above Sprint 520s)
 Engine/trans on dolly moved into position.  It's far easier to install an engine in a Eurovan/T4 if you lower the van down onto the engine, vs. lifting the engine up to the van.  A lift is helpful here.
 Engine installed and hanging by its own accord.
Installed 4-cyl engine in a T4 chassis.

A few more days of tuning and tweaking and we'll have this on the road replete with a completely different driving experience.


  1. Keep the info coming Justin! Awesome.

  2. great job, how can i get more deteils??