Thursday, January 6, 2011

Eurovan 4-cyl AHU TDI engine rebuild 301H

 Here are the final steps in the engine rebuild:
Measuring piston height projection on #1 piston.

 Appropriate head gasket selected and installed along with ARP head studs.

 View from above.

 Rebuilt cylinder head ready to come out of bag for installation.

 Cylinder head installed on block.

 New hydraulic lifters installed in head.

 Cam shaft installed, caps torqued (18ft/lbs) and head stud torque sequence followed to the letter (final torque of 125ft/lbs).

Installing exhaust manifold.

Engine peripherals being installed.

 T4 4-cyl oil dipstick and turbo.
 Close up of dipstick entry into block.
 Engine tipped forward for pic.  Intake/exhaust manifolds installed along with dipstick.

  One more shot from the back of the engine.  Note 4-cyl trans. support bracket bottom R of pic, and R side engine bracket halfway up R side.
 Detail of how oil dipstick tube is supported at the top.
 R side engine bracket installed along with lower T-belt cover (also 4-cyl T4 specific since it interfaces with the bottom bolt of the eng bracket and shares a common 10m bolt).
 Overview of R side showing R eng bracket, etc.  Engine will be timed and inj. pump installed tomorrow since the IP was on the bench today being re-sealed.

Note the barbed fitting installed in the EGR weep hole (smaller barb twrds bottom of ctr).  As these manifolds get older they are notorious for weeping oil out of this weep hole and all over the engine.  This small barb allows us to plumb it back into the intake and negate the oily mess it can make without this mod.

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