Friday, February 5, 2010

February 2010 PNW escape plan commences

Frantically getting the shop ready today for 2-wks of absentia. Packing up the most common hose kits, and assembling some custom parts that I know will be ordered en masse if I don't build and will sit around on the shelves for another couple months if I do.

Luckily the reigns will be in the good hands of Dr. Short who will be taking care of shipping/receiving while I'm away. I'm certain that once the ever popular team Grease Works uniform (AKA Goodyear Tire workshirt) is donned all will be well.

Amongst the fracas this afternoon, I put in a re-order for our standard "Powered by Biodiesel" stickers, as well this new TDI one that I've been meaning to put together forever.

These will soon be available at, and will be included at no cost with all TDI related online orders.

I hate to gloat, but the next post will likely be from the sub-tropical paradise of Kaua'i where the weather is showing 79* and sunny tomorrow when we land...

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