Monday, August 9, 2010

36.3 MPG! Thank you .658 5th!

Last night I had to run up the PDX to pick up my family and drove a steady 65mph with cruise on the way up. Had a bout of road construction traffic that was stop and go for about 15-mins on the way there but still got 33.3 MPG on that leg. On the way back though things really started to shine: No construction and less traffic overall, 36.3 MPG with the cruise set on 65MPH.

Other notable conditions: running B20 in the tank, GPS confirmed speed/distance, ambient temp around 65* F, no AC the whole way, van only lightly loaded (3-total passengers and a couple bags of luggage).

I've got a custom chip tune coming soon that will be tweaked to optimize efficiency and secondarily to optimize power so I'll let you all know if we see any notable changes, but overall I can finally say that I'm very pleased with the mileage.


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  1. super cool! very good to hear you can get 36 mpg
    thank you