Monday, April 25, 2011

1990 Vanagon Carat TDI conversion--and the building of another torque monster

It's been a long row to hoe the last few weeks this month.  In the big exhalation after finishing/shipping our 99 EVC TDI conversion, we've had lots of other loose ends to finish up and just last week we finally got under way on our latest TDI conversion project, a sweet 1990 Vanagon Carat from Canada. 

Here are some pics of the engine build:

 Custom color for our customer: Star-spangled blue (AKA, Ford BK in Napa parlance)
 ASV pistons 0.50mm over and Rosten H-beam rods.
 Pistons with rods installed.
 Pistons installed in block.
 Shiny new pistons and shiny bored out block
 Measuring piston height projection
 ARP headstuds and 2 notch headgasket installed.
 Gotta love that sight.

New cylinder head awaiting installation.
Long block complete just waiting for some peripherals.

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