Friday, September 30, 2011

95 Eurovan Syncro Weekender TDI conversion

This is the first Syncro Eurovan we've had in our shop and is getting a highly tuned/built stage IV 1.9l AHU TDI engine, which as far as I know will make it the first 4-cyl TDI Syncro Eurovan in the US.

OK, let's get down to business

Engine build:

 AHU engine block back from machine shop.  Oil dipstick hole is drilled and three R side engine mount 10m holes are drilled/tapped, engine is blasted clean, taped, painted, and oil squirters installed.

Engine build bench: polished crank, main bearing  caps, main/rod bolts, ASV pistons, ARP head studs, etc.
 K&S main bearings installed in block, assembly lube applied.
 Main bearing caps fitted with plastigage.
 Checking main bearing radial clearances.

 ASV pistons awaiting mating to rods.
 ASV pistons mated to AHU rods.
 K&S rod bearings installed, ready for radial clearance check.

 Oil squirter close-up w/ASV piston oil galley.
 Oil squirter close-up w/ASV piston oil galley.
 Oil squirter close-up w/ASV piston oil galley.
 Rod radial clearance checked with plastigage.

 Fully rebuilt head with stage II Colt Camshaft.
 Head installed on block, head studs torqued and peripherals ready to be installed.
 K03/04 hybrid turbo, EV dipstick, etc.
 The pile of boxes/wrappers left over after our engine build.
 Fast forward: Engine installed.

Installed eng/trans w/radiator removed.
TDI eng sans radiator.

New radiator being fitted w/fan & shroud
 View of eng from front w/ radiator removed.

New rad installed.

 View of intake air supply/MAF.
 Rebuilt injection pump.
 Engine just before fluids are filled.
 Filling fluids.
 Fuel tank removed for filler neck/pump mods.
 Vacancy where tank lives.
 Fuel tank modified ready for re-installation.
Front mount intercooler (FMIC) opening.
 Back side of IC, showing boost pipes and our custom IAT sensor port.

 Another view of boost pipes/plumbing post IC.
 Finished FMIC with mesh screen.
 Top view of boost pipe plumbing.
 One more angle on boost pipes.
 Turbo outlet pipe to IC.

 Far front/left view of boost pipes.

 Rear differential and drive line (remember this is a Syncro EV!)
 Another angle on the diff/prop shaft.
 Rear diff and rear axles.
 Prop shaft/rear diff union.
 First forward section of prop shaft.
 Mid point union/bearing carrier.
 Forward prop shaft bearing carrier.
 Bearing carrier in situ.
 Rear angle shot of diff.

 Bilstein shocks put on all the way around for good measure :-).

***All pics and conversion work done by Grease Works and TDIpowered.

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  1. Very nice job. Did you change the transmission gear ratios for the diesel? Do you have any mileage data on it now?