Monday, March 12, 2012

TDI injection pump distributor head O-ring Viton

These are now available separately from the full Bosch kit we sell here.  This O-ring fits all Bosch VE injection pumps from 1977-2003.   The distributor head is the part of the pump that the injection lines attach to, and where it mates to the IP is a common place for leaks due to a failed/flattened/frustrated O-ring.  This is something that with great patience and a modicum of skill can be replaced in situ without removing the IP from the vehicle.

It's worth noting that as of 2011 all of our TDI conversions now include a rebuilt TDI inj pump with new Viton seals.

Available here:

TDI/VW Bosch VE distributor head injection pump Viton O-rings:

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