Wednesday, June 27, 2012

400k mile club

New owner Justin on L, seller and original owner on R
There certainly aren't too many 2000 Eurovans on the road right now in the US that are one or two big road trips away from crossing over to 400,000+ original miles--I had certainly never heard of a single one.  So when this beauty popped up with 394k on the ticker I couldn't pass up on the opportunity to purchase it on that merit alone and let my TDI dreams begin to kindle. 

2000 Eurovan Weekender with VR6 eng (original) and auto trans, which BTW was replaced once at 45k miles under warranty and has been not been opened or serviced since according to the account and detailed records kept by the original owner.  This rig has certainly been blessed by the VW patron saint of longevity, Saint Wolfgang GΓΌnter von Hasen we'll call him.

One last spread eagle on its home turf and then time to hit the road to its new home!      

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