Monday, May 20, 2013

Spring projects Big Island Tristar Syncro Doka, The Big Green Syncro Machine, Joker JX Hightop, 400K mile club, etc.

Here are some collected bits from the past few months.  I do get to see and work on some of the coolest VWs out there......

Big Island Tristar fun:
The crown jewel of the VW Doka platform: Tristar 16" with 3-knob controls.  Now with TDI power.

Mise en scene for the task at hand.

K03/K04 hybrid turbo top L, and our once and snazzy custom L eng bracket cradling.

Some fun in the sun with my daughter and a wild but non-native Jackson's Chameleon. 


400k and life to go:
One more click to go!!!

First time I've ever crossed this boundary.....
Cause celeb'.  2000 Eurovan T4 Weekender with 1.9l TDI engine and 5-spd trans.  30-35 mpg.
Big Bad Green Machine:

Dimly lit to ensure its element of surprise

Emerging slowly......    Big bad and very green

Expedition ready, 2-knob Syncro with the biggest tires/lift I've yet to see/drive.

The view down low.

Where the magic happens under the hatch.

Angle R.

Angle L.

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