Friday, December 20, 2013

AHU eng rebuild for 90 Vanagon

This eng build is for a local neighbor who currently has a Tiico eng in his 90 Westy and is looking for a little better efficiency and power.  Overall fairly straightforward eng build using 0.50mm O/S ASV pistons, ARP head studs, new K03 turbo, rebuilt injection pump, etc.

AHU long block rebuild work sequence:
Block prepped and bolt holes chase with taps, I-shaft bearings R&R, oil squirting piston jets installed, crankshaft laid, main bearing radial clearance check, main bearing cap bolts (TTY) torqued to spec (48ft/lbs + 90*) install front crank flange and oil seal, torque crank bolt to 90nm + 90*, mate pistons to rods, install pistons in block, measure  rod bearing radial clearances checked, rod bearing cap bolts (TTY) torqued to spec (22ft/lbs + 90*), de-grease block deck, measure piston height projection, degrease cylinder head sealing surface, install head gasket locating dowels and centering pin, install head gasket, install cyl. head, install ARP head studs w/lubricant, torque to spec.

Block preparation:
All critical bolt holes are chased with a tap and eng block is thoroughly  cleaned with air.
Head bolt holes being chased.

Missing pic here is of the I-shaft bearings being installed.  

Crankshaft being laid.

Main bearings radial clearances being checked. 

New TTY main bearing cap bolts installed and torqued to spec (48 ft/lbs + 90*)

Rods and pistons being prepped for install.
Detail of ASV piston under belly showing oil cooling galleys. These are where the piston cooling oil squirters are directed cooling the piston crown.
#3 and #2 pistons installed.
Rod bearing radial clearances being measured for #3 and #2.
Rod bearing radial clearances being measured for #1 and #4.
Piston height projection being measured to determine head gasket thickness.  0.90mm so 2 notch it is.
The dazzling site of a shiny fresh rebuilt short block.
Rebuilt cylinder head being degreased and prepped for install.
ARP head studs being lubed up with special grease.

Head gasket installed, cylinder head mated to block and secured with ARP head studs, torqued to spec (125 ft/lbs).
Rear eng view.
Accessories being added to long block.

 Complete engine mated to rebuilt trans.
  Complete engine mated to rebuilt trans side view.
 Complete engine mated to rebuilt trans trans view.

Misc. project pics:

Modded Vanagon instrument cluster.

Pedal potentiometer installed with custom bracket.
Pedal potentiometer installed with custom bracket.

Wiring bliss..............

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