Monday, July 6, 2015

VW-Bus-Tuning-Treffen am Hockenheimring

This past weekend I took my junge Tochter Camilla (wearing her "Wildkatzchen" hat) to the mother of all VW T3 and T4 shows yet VW-Bus-Tuning-Treffen am Hockenheimring, the famous Formula 1 race track just N. of the Schwarzwald, Deutschland.  Here's a short vid from their website:

 I've never seen so many unique and tricked out VW busses in one place.  Interestingly most of the engines seemed to be less interesting stock diesel ones (1.6, 1.7, 1.9, etc.), and weren't really on display or part of the show.  In fact I didn't see a single engine on display.  At this sort of event in the US engines would be the main feature with many popular T3 eng conversions on display (Subaru, Bostig/Zetec, TDI, etc.).  It seems the big money they put into their vans is on paint, wheels, and big brakes but leave the engines alone. 

Here's a sampling from the show:

Das Programm:

Speise Karte (menu) from the Motodom Hotel restaurant.

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