Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Camping trip to NE Washington

Got a lot of miles on the EV this past weekend (~1k).  The EV is running great and pulling nicely on the highway and dominating on the hills.  Still reaching for 30mpg but not quite there yet: a disappointing 26.5 on the first leg and a moderately better 28.6 on the second leg (still have to fill up to figure out the mileage on the last leg).  These numbers are at an average speed of ~70-75mph with about 50% AC use.
Our first stop was along the Columbia in eastern Oregon at a sweet little oasis in the desert (Arlington).  Pulled up right next to Justin's Pilot Car which seemed somewhat apropos.

Hanging out on the beach with our good friend Mark.

After a long day of driving and a late night spent searching for a campground, out of desperation we settled on Potholes CG which was somewhat aptly named for things in the nuisance category:  this place was a mosquito-ridden haven.

My children Ronja and Camilla playing with my good friend Mark at the base of Grand Coulee dam.  Approx 420 miles from Corvallis.

Our final campspot, Kamloops Island campground--very sweet spot on the Kettle River close to the confluence with the Columbia.

My kids riding the legendary blue moose in Kettle Falls.

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