Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First mileage report on 93 EV TDI: 27 MPG mixed city/hwy driving

Filled up my tank today and here's the numbers:
511.0 miles on the tank
18.8 gal to fill (filled w/B20)
27.18 MPG

This was my first fill-up since putting some miles on the van.  About 100 miles of this were towing a trailer on the HWY fluctuating between 55-65mph, another ~100 miles city driving around town, and the rest on our trip to the coast last weekend.  Overall I'm very pleased at these numbers since I'm still breaking in a new engine and am purposefully never using cruise and constantly varying the speed as I drive.  I suspect to get into the low 30's once it's fully broken in and hope to get into the 35mpg range on long highway trips. 

Sure beats the 17.4mpg that I was getting before!

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