Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Shop musings

It's been a hectic couple of weeks here at Grease Works.  Just after we got fully moved over to the new shop and installed a new lift, we had to move out due to insurance issues.  Wind out of our sails, we moved back over to the old shop and have been getting re-acquainted with the familiar lines.  Just before we left the 'new' shop we got the latest TDI engine installed in a very nice 90 Go Westy Vanagon Westfailia.  This rig showed up with a basically new (30k mile) 2.3l Go Westy engine that the owner was just not satisfied with and commissioned us to breath some life into this otherwise fine Westy.

AHU TDI engine w/rebuilt/re-geared 5-spd trans. ready for install.

 TDI engine freshly installed in the Vanagon engine bay.  Now the real fun begins....

Once we moved over a modicum of tools here to the new 'old' shop we dove right in to the hard work of paying the bills that start rolling in the first week of every month.  Late last week we had a cyl. head R&R and radiator R&R on a very nice 91 Vanagon Westy with a TDI engine.   This was the first time we'd seen a blown EGR cooler, so it's another TDI data point for the shop collective wisdom.  Then the last two days we stepped back in time to our A1/A2 diesel roots and built up and installed a 1.9NA engine in an A1 Jetta (84).  That was a fun project and reminded us of how simple life use to be back before TDIs took over our lives...  That rig drove out of the shop today and purrs like a well fed kitten.

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