Tuesday, September 7, 2010

TDIFest 2010 recap

TDIFest 2010 was a weekend long blast and very nice to be amongst true TDI believers.  We spent most of our time manning the booth and playing silly TDI sanctioned games like an A4 belly pan R&R time trial, timed spare tire change, the dolly race, etc.  John spent most of Sun gussying up his sweet 85 Vanagon Westy TDI for the show n shine which paid off:  John took home 1st prize in the TDI conversion category.  Way to go John!!  That's one sweet ass Van...

The TDI EV and a portion of the Grease Works booth at the fest.

Nuff said

Hood up and radiator/grill in service position for viewing.  Lots of questions on that...

The full spread late on Sun. with Bora Parts flanking our R side.

Sweet ALH TDI Doka.  This rig won the people's choice award at the fest.

A few other TDI converted rigs: A2 Jetta, Toyota pickup truck, Doka, etc.

Auf wiedersehen TDIFest 2010!  Me and meine frauliner in front of our booth.

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