Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2002 EVC T4 2.5l TDI conversion and Syncro conversion w/02G trans

OK, this one is long over due.  This is the new high bar for TDIpowered.  We're always inching it upwards, but this one is more like a leap:  2002 EVC TDI and syncro conversion that is currently done and in the test drive phase.  This drove here from Alaska with a VR6 engine and automatic trans, and will leave with a 140hp 300ft/lbs 2.5l ACV engine, and a 5-spd 02G syncro trans.  Yes, this is a possibility and should've been a factory option here in the US, IMO.

2002 EVC TDI and Syncro conversion

VR6 to 5-cyl ACV TDI conversion and auto trans to Syncro 5-spd conversion:
Step 1: Clean the palette

 VR6 engine and auto trans removed, along with wiring.
 Now we have room to work our magic. 

Magic to follow....

ACV 2.5L TDI engine and 02G syncro transmission:

 This motor had great compression #s (500psi all 5 within 10psi), so we opted to refurb all the seals/gaskets and critical bolts rather than a full rebuild.  We also had the IP and turbo fully rebuilt by the finest rebuilders in all the land.

The  trans was shipped over to GTA and the build parts were special ordered from Germany--a process that took over 2-mths (long story....), but here it finally sits, rebuilt trans, and buttoned up 5-cyl TDI eng ready to be mated together.
 Back side of ACV eng and closer view of 02G trans.  This sucker is heavy and a whole lot beefier than the already beefy 02B that was sold domestically.
 Flywheel/clutch and press plate installed and tranny mated to eng.
 Eyeballing its new home: the white 02 EVC on the R.
 Another pic of mated eng/trans, this one with the R extension arm that has the output flange for the driveline.
 Closer rear view of eng/trans.
 Front view of mated eng/trans.  Only a matter of mins now before this combo is hung in eng bay.

 Side view of mated eng/trans.  

 Eng installed in EV.
 2.5L TDI hanging happily in its new home.
 Front view with bumper/core support removed.
 Bumper re-installed.
 Engine feeling snug and cozy now.

 Final IP timing to be set and belt cover to be installed.

 Radiator and condenser re-installed.

 Front grill installed.

And of course the front TDI badge installed!

Some vids of the action:

***All pics and conversion work done by Grease Works and TDIpowered.

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