Tuesday, February 28, 2012

EV TDI conversion AC high temp switch custom fitting

 Prototype AC temp cut-off fitting for our EV TDI conversions.  This will allow the AC high temp cut-off switch to be installed directly into the upper radiator hose like it was from the factory.  Problem is the OE fitting has 1.5" barbs to fit the flared radiator hose which jumps from 1.25-1.50 at this fitting.  With these new custom CNC machined aluminum fittings we spec'ed them at 1.235 which fits the 4-cyl radiator hose perfectly.  The production run of these fittings is anodized black and ready for pickup this Fri.  This part will be sent out to all of our TDI Eurovan customers with stock AC EVs as a free upgrade.
On the prototype we were testing to see how the finished product would be with 1 vs. 2 barbs.

Final product:
Anodization makes everyone happy!

 Conservative fittings in 2 x 3 row fashion, rallying for a square dance.
 One outlier steps aside for a close up.
 And one gets tipsy and stands on its head.

***All pics and conversion work done by Grease Works and TDIpowered.

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