Wednesday, February 29, 2012

93 Eurovan Transporter T4 TDI AHU conversion + AC conversion

Our next TDI conversion project: a stock 2.4l diesel (AAB eng, 78 hp stock) 93 Transporter (Canada import) and 5-spd 02B trans.  They really don't get any more apathetic than this power plant, 78 hp pushing a 4000lb slug--though absolutes don't work so well with me as I recall the 82 1.6 48hp Diesel Vanagon experiment....

In any case this unique T4 with dual swing rear doors is getting a premium stage III AHU engine build and tune and on top of that we are adding factory AC to make it more hospitable in the California climes where it resides.

Completed TDI converted EV in final testing phase: 

Santiam pass approach looking West.

 S. Sister, Middle Sister, and N. Sister in all their snow-capped glory.

Here's the TDI conversion play-by-play:

 In the shop ready, rad in service position ready for action.

 Rear view of this base model T4 Transporter with rear swing doors.

Engine build time.  On the EV engines we first have to drill and tap the appropriate holes on the eng to accept the OE R side eng bracket, as well as the OE dipstick below.
 Dip stick hole being drilled.
 Slow and steady goes the course.  Lots of oil and patience and still have a sharp bit at the end of the day.
 This is a stepped hole: 10mm all the way through and 14mm to the depth of 11mm.
 Final product.

  Oil squirters installed and crank laid.  Radial bearing clearances being measured.
Main bearing caps torqued to 48 ft/lbs + 90* with new bolts of course.

 Bolts are marked with a line to indicate they have been torqued to spec, and a cross to indicate they have been torqued an additional 90*.
Engine rebuild bench.  Rods mated to TDI pistons, 79.96mm first oversize.  These are some of the last O/S performance ASV pistons in the supply chain.

  New rod bearings installed, pistons awaiting installation, and bearing radial clearances.
 Rod bearing radial clearances being measured, 2 and 3. 

Within spec, onto 1 and 4.

 All clearances checked and within spec, new rod bolts are torqued to 22 ft/lbs + 90* and then marked with a cross.
 The beautiful view from above.

 T4 4-cyl oil pump installed and torqued to spec, new OE VW.
 T4 oil pan installed, new OE VW.  Bottom end complete.

 Piston projection measured on all 4 pistons and averaged out to select proper head gasket thickness.  ARP head studs installed and gasket placed.

 Front view of engine with some accessories installed.
 Rear view of engine with 4-cyl tranny final drive arm support bracket bolted to eng and R side eng bracket installed.

 Rebuilt cylinder head, bottoms up for de-greasing.

Accepting short block at the ready.

In repose...

 Rebuilt head ready for install.

Anterior view.

 Complete engine installed.

 Hook-up time.
 Engine bay from L side looking R.
 Fuel filter location.
 Top view of eng and turbo.
 Intercooler time!  Measure once, twice, three times four equals twelve times, then cut.
 Then remove bumper cover to install IC.

Then re-install bumper with protective IC screen.

***All pics and conversion work done by Grease Works and TDIpowered.

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