Thursday, June 14, 2018

Propex heater and propane tank install in 2000 Eurovan weekender

This mod has been a long while in the works.  Having a reliable, safe and non-stinky (ie diesel powered) auxiliary cabin heater has been on my winter project list for some time.  To help fund this project I sold 2 diesel fueled aux cabin heaters I had accumulated over the years.  In my experience propane is a superior fuel source for auxiliary heaters in vehicles--even diesels--less ignition trouble and less stinky.  In this install I was able to mount the heater underneath the Syncro Eurovan and plumb all my heating duct connections through the stock rear cabin heater box, so the van body remains uncut, and the interior remains free of additional vents/outlets.  The thermostatic control is mounted on the L rear side of the B column, directly behind the driver's seat.  Wiring to this is hidden under the interior panels and exits the vehicle to the heater under the L side jump seat.  A single 3/8" hole is the only hole drilled into the body for this install.  More details to come....

Propex HS2211:

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