Monday, May 23, 2011

1990 Vanagon Carat TDI conversion--Go Time!

It's been a long time coming and we're long behind schedule but today we had our engine initial startup on this project and everything went seemlessly--and for a Monday that's saying something!!!  Today we started on the rear disc brake conversion we are doing for this customer as well using the Small Car kit.  Hubs are at the machine shop being turned and hopefully we get them back soon so we can start getting some test miles on this rig.

AHU TDI engine installed at 50* in 90 Carat--yes all the wiring is complete in these pics, it really is that clean of an install!

Custom red silicone DV hoses, DV coolant pressure bottle, custom bottle bracket, relocated PS reservoir, A2 diesel fuel filter, clear nylon fuel supply hose, almost zero discernable wiring--nuff said.

Vanagon airbox in lwr R corner w/custom MAF flange.
 Intercooler set up w/180* silicone hose into intake manifold and custom GW IAT sensor pipe, and Saab intercooler.
 Cluster mods complete (VSS, check eng light and glow plug light), tach mods complete, cruise control complete and functional, and custom EGT gauge installation off of A-pillar--sweet!

Conversion work and pics done and taken by and

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