Monday, May 23, 2011

Concept to Prototype to Production--TDI MAF sensor to Vanagon airbox custom flange

With each conversion we do we strive to always raise the bar another notch or two.  On this TDI conversion (90 Carat) we've made a couple big strides in raising the level of our conversions while maintaining our dedication to quality, reliability, functionality and servicability.

Over the past few months we've been working on developing this custom flange that allows the TDI MAF sensor to bolt directly to the stock Vanagon airbox.  It started out as a concept that turned into a  rough-shod prototype (layers of paper board glued together) made by a friend and fellow indie VW mechanic here in town after I described to him what we needed to mate the MAF to the Vanagon airbox.  This was then brought over to our local CNC shop, made into a CAD file, prototyped with small changes, and then put into production, with the first one being installed on the 90 Carat conversion that is currently in the final stages of completion.

Another upgrade we are rolling out with this Carat conversion is the use of the larger stock OEM oil cooler found on A5/B5 VW models.  This oil cooler fits on the stock TDI oil filter flange with the installation of a slightly longer oil filter pipe to accomodate its bigger size.  Any concerns regarding peak oil temps. under heavy loading are alleviated with this larger oil cooler.

Here are some pics of these upgrades:

Custom CNC aluminum flange for mating  TDI MAF to Vanagon air box
MAF sensor bolted to custom flange, bolted to Vanagon airbox--bench test fitting phase.
 Top view.
 Side view.

Back view.

Final installation:  Vanagon air box, custom aluminum MAF flange, and MAF sensor connected to blue silicone intake hose.

Another angle of installed airbox/MAF layout.

And here's our prefered airfilter for the Vanagon: The stock Syncro air filter for dusty conditions.

 Larger sized oil cooler installed on TDI oil filter flange.  Coolant hoses are uncut and unmodified, and fit this cooler nicely.
Large oil cooler  hiding under bright red DV silicone coolant hoses :-).

Custom TDI MAF flange concept, design, and production by and

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