Monday, May 16, 2011

1990 Vanagon Carat TDI conversion

OK, finally have some big progress updates.  So little extra time these last few weeks.  Either those extended months of rain have taken their toll on our collective pysche (still haven't had 3 consecutive days w/o rain here since Feb. 19th!) or the days are defying seasonal expectations and are actually getting shorter....

Engine installed last week, and bit-by-bit being hooked up this week.  Here are some of the recent action pics:

 Underneath van pics of engine/trans install.  Engine crane at the back of the van lifting the engine, jack under the nose of of the trans.
 "And when they were neither up nor down, they were neither up nor down."
 Frt trans mounting seated on cross-member with new bolts/washers.
 Engine fully self-supported.
 Another angle of freshly installed eng.
Now it's time for some silicone action: 
One hose, two hose
red hose, blue hose.  

Red=coolant, blue=charge air.
Speedo head rebuilt at speedo shop in PDX and zeroed out per customer specs.

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