Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pushing 4 TDI conversions in 8 wks

Not that anyone really cares, but this must be pushing a record of some sort.  Today we installed yet another TDI AHU engine in a Syncro Vanagon.  Here are some pics of the last week in the shop building the motor, prepping it for mating with trans, and finally mating and installation today:

All VW diesel, all the time.

AHU block bored 0,50mm over, loaded with new ASV pistons with improved oil porting under crowns.  Hell yeah!

Prepping engine for mating.

Engine 99% built and ready for mating.

 Rebuilt syncro trans w/1.08 3rd, .70 4th in the foreground; Rebuilt AHU TDI engine in the background.  Top-tier VW mechanic in the middle.

TDI hanging in engine bay.

Installation complete, engine hanging.  Now we just need to hook everything up and tidy it up to factory GW standards.

Another angle on the initial install with our proto-IC peaking out.  This will all be looking clean and tidy once we get everything connected and put our magic into it.

Once this one ships out next week, we've got one more conversion to finish before the new year (93 Eurovan) but in the mean time we find some holiday joy by checking out this sweet tricked out Euro-spec Jetta at the local VW dealer's lot:
Jetta TDI Cup Edition

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  1. Quality stuff, boys. That syncro owner is gonna be pleased as punch!