Friday, December 17, 2010

TDI engine installation + 11 days: Completion in view, oh the joy!

Today was shake down/badge day.  It's officially a GW TDI Vanagon now!  We logged 207 miles on the van over to the coast and flushed out a few small bugs that we fixed and acouple more we will sort out tomorrow.  Overall it's been flawless: No codes, no limp mode, just scoots and purrs down the road like a tuned TDI Vanagon should.

 Newport Bridge in the far distance.  This pic is right outside my favorite restaurant in Newport on the bay front: Local Ocean. 
 *Mostly* final pic of engine bay.  Still need to put the T-belt change sticker on the cover, but this is basically how it will ship off on Sun.
This is a pic of the fishing fleet dock in Newport, OR, with our spiffy TDI Syncro paying homage.

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