Sunday, December 19, 2010

TDI installation + 13 days: final polishing and a very happy customer

 Now that's what I like to see: A happy customer next to his new TDI Syncro Vanagon.

 Ready for action and HWY miles: this van is heading down to San Francisco from our shop in Corvallis, OR.
TDI front badge--a fringe benefit of our conversions.

 89 Syncro Westy w/fully electronic stage II TDI conversion--Life is good.
Rear TDI badge--fringe benefit #2.

All in all this was a tight whirlwind of a project and after the 4 TDI conversions we just completed in 9-wks,  we need a week off for the holidays--but no rest for the weary: We're right back into a TDI Eurovan conversion by the end of the week and following up that with a 99 Eurovan TDI conversion starting on Jan. 3.  Feb. is our month to take it easy.  I just hope I can keep the schedule free and clear that month!

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