Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rough day in the shop--93 EV TDI conversion commencement & blood letting

Ouch! goes the mechanic hoping the pain dance across the driveway cussing foul words. The good news is nothing is broken.  The resilience of the human body and titanium eye-wear is amazing.
This is our latest TDI conversion project: 93 EV weekender on the lift for engine removal.  I shed a lot of blood for you today despite your color.

Drain fluids, remove driveshafts, disconnect all electrical connections, hang up AC comp., remove rear trans mount, build a mobile pallet pyre and then lower the eng & van down on that, disconnect all engine/trans mounts and raise rig up to the ceiling.  Piece of cake right?

Engine from below ready to drop out.
  And here it sits at the end of the day.  Anyone need a good running 2.5l AAF engine?


  1. this is amazing!
    please post details of what engine tranny and what parts your using, if possible im excited of doing a swap of my own.

    this is great keep up the good work

    ps sorry bout the finger

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